Thursday, February 18, 2010

Faith No More

Still buzzing from Faith No More last night down at Vector Arena in Auckland.
So many crazy antics during their set.
Mike Patton is such a showman. So unpredictable and fully entertaining to watch.
He sung squatted down on the floor and sung into his megaphone. He abused this skinhead guy in the crowd and told him "You have no listening ears."
For the encore he played part of a Crowded House song Don't dream it's over and then asked "Where are the members from?" and then told us "We didn't know and should think about it".
He called us wombats, showed us lots of love and then hated us.
He asked us what we wanted to hear and that they were like a pub cover band for the night.
We only wanted to hear Faith No More.
He got us to roar and boo him. Sing along, wave arms up, scream out and dance about.
My word what a concert Faith No More it was the best.

© Jacinda Boyd Photography

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Checks

Ohh exciting New Video for song Ballroom Baby from The Checks. Who are truly my favourite NZ Band.
Great visuals going on in this clip. I like the opening shot and the water scenes. Not sure on the mud part.
Recently I got to meet Karel Chabera at the Laneway Festival.
I asked him what The Checks were up too?  and he said "They were working on a new album which should be out by the end of this year." WOOHOO

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shihad Legend Jon Toogood at Laneway Festival.

I don't normally become a paparazzi photographer at events but I couldn't resist a sneaky shot of the Legend Jon Toogood from the band Shihad.
Shihad is a kiwi icon like our watties sauce.

This was the best footage I could find on Youtube for Shihad song Home Again Live

Laneway Festival Auckland New Zealand 2010

I went along to the Laneway Festival in Auckland recently and took a few photo's.
This was the first time this Australian event has been held in New Zealand.
My favourite bands on the day were The XX, Florence and the Machine, Echo and the Bunnymen, Black Lips, and The Phoenix Foundation.
I didn't have a front of stage media access.  So my shots were taken in and amongst with the crowd. Hope you enjoy them :D

The Phoenix Foundation / Luke Buda 

Black Lips 

Black Lips

Echo and the Bunnymen

Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine