Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay I've photographed a few bands in my time but the singer Dan Gibson from this band 'Kingston' really was a good showman for the camera.

The Jury & The Saints

I went along to the opening of a new venue in Auckland called 'Backstage'.
I actually went with Phil Bell VIP pass which was pretty cool. Hope they weren't disappointed it wasn't him.
Bit of a promotion for me though as he's the Editor of RipitUp Magazine haha
It was an industry gig as The Jury & The Saints describe it in a comment under one of my images they posted on their Facebook.
For me that mean't free beer and food in between shots which was a nice change. Shame they didn't have more fans of the bands there though. As it would have been great to have captured them as well.
Here is what I photographed of band The Jury & The Saints. I actually really like the first photograph the most. It would make a nice back cover image for a CD cover.

Below is two of my favourite songs from the band.

Bannerman 25th September Whammy Bar

Disturbed but so beautiful. I love this song posted below. "Grab my gun shoot away but I'll probably miss you."