Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to work for Special Problems.

Another video comes out made by Special Problems that i love and want to jump inside with my camera.
This video is for a song by The Naked and Famous called Young Blood.

Visually I just love it. The video has a very light playful feel to it which just fits snugly with the song.
The shots of the guy in the ocean are AMAZING.
Stunning use of lighting throughout makes me want to grab a still image.
Looks like they have used mostly daylight and not elaborate lighting set-ups.
This is what i like doing with my own photography.
Keeping it simple and sticking to daylight as much as possible for my light source.

I want to work for Special Problems. I love music and imagery. Please hire me :D

Trapped in my house by good music

I am heads down working on my new website at the moment. Like always I've been easily side-tracked by some really good music and imagery. The kind of stuff that makes you not want to leave the house until you've heard the whole song again. (Yes i do get musically trapped in my house. You tube music video disorder is the diagnosis.)

So here is some songs that are keeping me company and inspiring me.

Hot Chip - One Life Stand
This song is so super sweet and all about love. Plus it's like they are inside a camera lens
I think the viewer post comment sums this band up well. "Keep it up nerdies."

The Naked and Famous - All of This
How good is this band right now. They keep getting stronger by the day.

Autozamm - Closer to Home

This is a band I've only recently picked up on and now love. They have been around for awhile but for some reason my ears haven't clicked onto this band i recently heard their song 'Want it Need it'. Can't wait to get some photo's of them playing in the near future.