Friday, March 16, 2012

Real Estate, The Kings Arms 15/03/12

Went to see 'Real Estate' play last night at the Kings Arms.
My friend was so excited about seeing this band and had very kindly brought me a ticket.
She didn't want to miss anything, so we got there really early and settled in for the evening.
We actually both got asked for ID on entry by the security guy.
Now I am not going to reveal my age on here but put it this way after being asked I felt so awkward for the security guy.
He was about to find out how old I was and it was going to be really embarrassing.
Lucky for us he didn't make a big deal out of it and let us pass by.
We both felt pretty chuffed with ourselves after that but really I thought... (I think I only got asked as my friend looks alot younger than I do.) haha
Anyhow back to the band. My word amazing guitar playing combined with sweet, surfie pop songs.
The kind of music to play on a summers afternoon with your friends around.
Favourite songs of the night are 'It's Real' and 'Out of tune' and I've posted the videos for these songs below.
Now please excuse this image below as it was taken amongst the crowd and I was down the back.
Plus it wasn't on my professional gear as I didn't bring that gear along.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday News, 11th March, Page 5, Emma Paki

My image of musician Emma Paki to go with a news article written by Journalist Neil Read and printed in the 'Sunday News' today.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Checks 95BFM Summer Series 2012

Just got back from seeing The Checks play at the 95bfm Summer Series. Did you go? So much fun.
How good were The Checks this afternoon. They did a great set and covered a wide range of their songs from the last 10 years. Favourite song played would be 'Jet Plane' which is off their latest album 'Deadly Summer Sway'. I love this album and suggest you go and get yourself a copy.

Just found this video using the song 'Jet Plane' about Freestyle skier Jossi Wells. 
Worth checking out. Beautifully filmed and directed by Tim Pierce.

WOW Docu - Jossi Wells Segment from ATOMIC SKIING on Vimeo.