Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just in time for Christmas

I shot this lovely little girl called Dora a few weeks back.
I really love this image. As it's modern and trendy. Not tacky just nice and simple. 
If you would like me to photograph your baby please get in touch :D or 021 452 693 
Three packages available and just in time for christmas presents for the Grand Parents. 

© Jacinda Boyd Photography

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pearl Jam 27th November Mt Smart Stadium Auckland NZ

Pearl Jam, Was great last night. Favourite part was hearing all the crowd singing along to BetterMan. 
Other Highlights for me was Ben Harper & Pearl Jam on stage together playing Red Mosquito and Liam Finn & Neil Finn and Pearl Jam playing a special tribute to Chris knox. 
Pearl Jam could have played a few more older numbers but I guess that's to be expected.
Not so cool on the night was drinking Lion red in plastic bottles with no lids and queuing for the girls toilet. Why do girls take so long in the bathroom?
Overall though it was great night with an epic crew along with me :D
Here some of my pictures from the night. Now these were only taken on my snappy as I didn't take my professional gear along. As I knew it could be a messy night not working and just having a good time with my friends.

©Jacinda Boyd Photography

©Jacinda Boyd Photography

©Jacinda Boyd Photography

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Media Pass to front of stage Please Big Day Out

Okay so I've been going to the Big Day Out for years now. I've only missed it four times and two of those times were when I was living in London.
I've taken literally hundreds of photo's of this event but never right up in the very front of main stage. This is what i really want to experience.

My photo's of NZ band The D4 Singer Jimmy

©Jacinda Boyd Photography

What music do you listen to that reminds you of times in your life?

I've been thinking about music and how it reminds you of times in your life this morning.

I found my Tiki Taane CD last night which is who my dad loves.
I don't spend really enough time with my dad so the times I do are rather special.

This year we did a holiday together where we went down to Ohakune.
I just recall driving around Lake Taupo with Tiki blaring from the speakers.
Thinking man i have the coolest Dad. I was really impressed he knew who Tiki was and that he loved the music.

Julie and Julia

Yesterday I went to see the movie Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep.
What i took away from this movie was that everybody starts somewhere and success doesn't happen overnight.
It requires you to stick at it, endure times of utter misery in order to move ahead.

The times when I've been on a shoot and thought how cool it is being there.
How sticking at my Photography is what has put me in this situation.
That thought alone makes it all worthwhile and makes me want to carry on.
I've got along way to go but plan to enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Checks

©Jacinda Boyd Photography

The weekend of 31st of October I went to see The Checks play in store at Real Groovy.
Every time I've seen this band play they constantly deliver the goods. Time and time again. I've totally overplayed their latest CD The Checks Alice By the Moon.
I didn't take my professional kit to this concert so these images were all shot on my snappy camera.

                                                      ©Jacinda Boyd Photography

You should totally check them out on You Tube clip The Checks You and Me

Kings Of Leon Live at the 02 DVD

Favourite part on Live in the O2 in Caleb's speech.

"If it wasn't for you people we wouldn't be a band right now. You embraced us from the very beginning you nurtured us as we were growing and you saw us make alot of mistakes but you stuck with us and here we are. So god bless you."
Caleb Followill Kings of Leon

Photo taken at Vector Arena Auckland NZ ©Jacinda Boyd

This day has been all about the Kings Of Leon. Not only did i get Live in the O2 I also got another DVD called Kings of Leon Yesterday and Today Live in Spain 2004. Never knew this existed and seems others didn't as well.

Loving it big time :D

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kings Of Leon Live at the 02 DVD

Finally KOL have a DVD out in stores. Live at the London 02. Excited big time. Now don't you people start calling them Sell outs. They are hands down one of the best bands on the planet right now.
If you ask me Sell outs = KOL Success on a global stage. Think of all the bands you listen too everyday that have achieved the same success worldwide as the KOL. Are they sell outs? A good band can develop and change their sound album to album. Just the same as I wouldn't want to take the same photo's every year. I am looking forward to the next Album, this DVD and concert when they return to our shores. This clip below is a classic clip filmed around the fire why they were recording their last album. Hope you find it funny like I did :D