Monday, November 9, 2009

Kings Of Leon Live at the 02 DVD

Finally KOL have a DVD out in stores. Live at the London 02. Excited big time. Now don't you people start calling them Sell outs. They are hands down one of the best bands on the planet right now.
If you ask me Sell outs = KOL Success on a global stage. Think of all the bands you listen too everyday that have achieved the same success worldwide as the KOL. Are they sell outs? A good band can develop and change their sound album to album. Just the same as I wouldn't want to take the same photo's every year. I am looking forward to the next Album, this DVD and concert when they return to our shores. This clip below is a classic clip filmed around the fire why they were recording their last album. Hope you find it funny like I did :D

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