Monday, May 17, 2010

Trapped in my house by good music

I am heads down working on my new website at the moment. Like always I've been easily side-tracked by some really good music and imagery. The kind of stuff that makes you not want to leave the house until you've heard the whole song again. (Yes i do get musically trapped in my house. You tube music video disorder is the diagnosis.)

So here is some songs that are keeping me company and inspiring me.

Hot Chip - One Life Stand
This song is so super sweet and all about love. Plus it's like they are inside a camera lens
I think the viewer post comment sums this band up well. "Keep it up nerdies."

The Naked and Famous - All of This
How good is this band right now. They keep getting stronger by the day.

Autozamm - Closer to Home

This is a band I've only recently picked up on and now love. They have been around for awhile but for some reason my ears haven't clicked onto this band i recently heard their song 'Want it Need it'. Can't wait to get some photo's of them playing in the near future.

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