Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photo Challenge

Recently a friend of mine on twitter organised a photo challenge.
The brief was called 'Shoot first, ask questions later!'.
The idea was a group of fellow photographers should all meet up in a cafe at midday and then we would be given a photography brief. From there we spend the afternoon taking photos and then meet back for a viewing of each others work later in the day.

We split into pairs and some people chose to work on their own.
I paired up with a fellow photography friend called Chantal Favier.
We then did a lucky dip to decide what area in Auckland each group or single person would get.
Chantal and I got Greenhithe,  Hobsonville and Whenupai.
The brief contain a list of fields like 1. Action photography 2. Architecture, 3. Landscape 4. Ask a random stranger to pose - female 5. Death 6. Emotion etc
From each of the list of fields you would need to take one image that represented the chosen theme.
Here's my favourite images from the day. I love the 'Life' image the best.


Ask a random stranger to pose - female.



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